I thought the return of The Chubman & Scrawn was an appropriate way for the Cornfather and jefbot to part ways, at least as far as their domicile is concerned. Longtime readers will note the callback to this strip (with Batman/Robin roles reversed, of course.) And I’ve mentioned it before, but just to quell the concern that’s been brought up in the comments and emails sent my way over the past couple of weeks: the Cornfather isn’t being written out of the JEFbot comic. I’m sure he and bot will be hanging out nearly as much as usual, but bot will indeed be living solo for now, which will undoubtedly bring up all manner of neuroses and drama for our geek-in-residence.

And if you haven’t downloaded it yet, here’s a link to the free, oldie-but-goodie wallpaper of The Chubman & Scrawn in all sorts of sizes. I might put together a new one with the latest drawing.
The Chubman and Scrawn wallpaper