Yep, my mom has made my old room her storage closet. This happen to anybody else???

UPDATE (03/20/2012 10:18pm): The strip’s now in COLOR! (B&W version here.)

No, there’s nothing wrong with your monitor: I didn’t have time to do the coloring on today’s strip yet, so decided to put it up in black and white so it wouldn’t be delayed any further. I figured many of you might like to see how the strip’s created, and it still works without color, so if this passes muster with you guys – let me know if you like/dislike – maybe this will become something I’ll do when I’m running late on a strip. I’ll be doing the colorizing tonight, so come back later if you’d like to see this one in its finished form!

Also: I thought my mom/Mombot’s appearance (and her subsequent ribbing) was appropriate as her birthday arrived earlier this month! (Happy Birthday, mom!!!)