I’m very excited about Prometheus, the uh, non-prequel to Alien (one of my favorite films) coming out this summer. So excited, in fact, that I’m thinking about putting a ban on all Prometheus-related promotional materials henceforth; I’m afraid I’ve seen too much already. So it both intrigues and frustrates me that director Ridley Scott has proclaimed the film, “not a prequel,” and that the movie only “shares DNA” with Alien. Now, it’s been well documented just how many similarities the two films share – much more than I’ve listed in today’s JEFbot – including that *spoilers* one of the characters is an android (just as in Alien), there’s a link to the Weyland Corp., the trailer mimics the title reveal, sound cues and cuts from Alien, etc. Now, word is that the planet is not, in fact, LV426 and the spaceship in the trailer might not be the derelict ship we’re so familiar with. But they’re definitely the same make and model. And the alien “pilot” is at least of the same alien species as our Space Jockey. *end spoilers* Actually, all this stuff only serves to amp my excitement for the movie, and I’m extremely intrigued about what Ridley Scott has up his sleeve. If, in fact, this isn’t a prequel to Alien, I’ll be shocked and possibly delighted. Guess I’ll have to wait and see this summer.

Sorry this strip wasn’t posted yesterday! Still absolutely swamped at work which is cutting into my JEFbot-makin’ time. As always, will try to get the next strip posted on schedule.