Thanks for all the great suggestions you readers have sent in to help with my burplessness issues! There were actually quite a few tips in the comments of the previous strip that I hadn’t heard before, so I’ve been methodically trying each one – so far to no avail – but hope remains strong. However, as can be inferred from today’s comic strip, many of the suggestions have brought me to the brink of vomiting; I’m actually surprised I haven’t seen this as a side effect when people belch! Should I learn to burp, I’m afraid that spontaneous, projectile vomiting will occur, which gives me pause as to whether or not the entire practice is worth pursuing.

A heads up that there probably won’t be a new strip this Friday as I’m heading to Phoenix, AZ on Wednesday for the Phoenix ComiCon! Come on down if you’re in the neighborhood and say hey! (And to get your free BOTton for JEFbot readers only.) Details in the JEFblog, here.