It must be hard being a dad, especially when the Internet is releasing stories about other dads building AT-AT beds for their kids around Father’s Day. I mean, how do you compete with that? You know that lucky child is flaunting the fact that he sleeps in an Imperial Walker at school to his friends. And all those friends are telling their dads, and all those dads are hating on the AT-AT builder for being such a good dad. Not that I really expected mine to build me my own Walker, but it was built out of plywood and PVC – two materials that my dad’s a master with. Just sayin’.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads (including my own!) out there!

Sorry for not getting a Tuesday JEFbot posted this week! A perfect storm of events (ain’t that always the way?) has thwarted me at every turn from getting a strip done. I’ll refrain from listing them all so I can get today’s strip posted, but, well, can you believe I’m moving again? I’ll blog about it soon. Thanks – as always – for the understanding! You all are the best.