In the end, I went another way with dealing with the wasps because I just knew something like today’s strip would happen should I even attempt something like that. I even rehearsed many times how I was going to slip the jar over the nest then slide the cardboard over the opening to seal them in there, but when the moment of truth came I just couldn’t do it; too many variables to account for which equated to too many possible ways of getting stung.

Funny, after the previous strip a friend of mine emailed me a solution that would’ve been much safer and easier for all involved (including the wasps.) I didn’t come across this solution at all on the Internet while I was searching for a way of removing the wasps humanely since most sites just detailed the quickest and most reliable ways of killing the wasps and destroying their nests. I’ll post the solution in a future blog post, once I determine if my friend was telling the truth or just punking me in the hopes that I hadn’t gotten the nest down yet.


I wanted to get this strip up before the day progressed any further so the accompanying blog will have to wait until later tonight. (Stuck at work finishing up a project in the meantime. BUH.)