Yeah, my site got hacked last week by some evildoers trying to put malware and Viagra ads and whatnot on my site, but fortunately I was able to take it down before anything really bad started happening. Unfortunately, the hack disabled a lot of my permissions – the first few days I wasn’t even able to access the Admin pages of my WordPress/ComicPress at all, which meant I almost lost a ton of comments and posts when trying to reconstruct the site. Fortunately, I figured out a way to export all the missing data so I don’t think much was lost at all. BUT, if you see something missing (I know I still have some images to re-link) let me know in the comments here.

This isn’t the final version of the site – it’s basically just the bare bones, BETA version while I add new artwork and functionality to flesh it out in the coming days/weeks. Since things have been insanely hectic at work and with life in general, I figured I could keep the site running as a work-in-progress instead of keeping it offline until I had time to finish it. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see implemented on the site while I’m still at this stage. I’m finding a bunch of cool widgets/plugins and stuff I’m thinking about adding, so now’s the time for requests! I suppose this reconstruction wasn’t all bad: I’ve been wanting to move the site from jeffschuetze.com to jefbot.com (it’s a bit easier to remember, no?) for years now, so if you find your shortcuts to certain strips or posts need to be updated, that’s why. Also, the “Back” button finally works as intended, so that’s nice, too.

I’ll keep this update short, since I need to get back to work, but before I stop typing, I wanted to give a huge “Thanks!” for all the support while the site was down – it was nice to be able to take comfort in knowing you guys were still out there while I was figuring out what to do and how to do it. As always, you all are the best.

Look for a new strip this Friday! Looking forward to writing and drawing tonight rather than updating PHP and HTML code.