I’m sure I don’t have to tell any of you reading this that the Internet can be a scary place, especially for one’s parents. There are things here – ugly, nasty things – that I’d rather they just not know about. Which is why my dad isn’t part of the whole “Internet thing” and I don’t push him in that direction. Sure, I made him an email account so he can get important notices from doctors, businesses or family, but when he wants to check that email, I generally have to be around for him to figure it out. The only webpage I have bookmarked on his phone is JEFBOT.com, and he doesn’t “web surf” so I feel pretty safe with that decision. Of course, there’s the chance that he’ll read today’s strip and become suspicious and interested in what he’s missing on the ol’ Intertubes. Hmm… might need to see if I can block his IP address from viewing this page.