Sometimes I have to remind myself that not everyone wants or cares about the latest gadget on the block or the biggest and fastest piece of tech on the market. Although some friends will ask my opinion about what to get or when to get it when they’re looking for a phone, gaming console or television, most of the time they’re just going to get whatever suits their needs best whenever the most convenient time comes up. In other words, their lives aren’t dictated by release dates or processor speeds, and I find that completely baffling and unnerving. And yes, I probably feel that way because I can see the logic in their thinking and just refuse to accept it.

Anyone getting the new iPhone this Friday (today)? The new Galaxy Note in October? The Lumia 920 in November?

Sorry for the lack of strips over the past week! I present my case for that in a blog post here, but it basically comes down to being completely wiped out after Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo last weekend. I’m just now feeling somewhat normal. With any luck, I’ll be fully recharged by the end of this weekend and can get back to some cool BOTstuffs I have planned for you all!