Let me just say that I’m a Pepper. Love the stuff. Between that and Coca-Cola, I hardly drink anything else, which might not be such a good thing. Anyway, even with my unabashed affections going for it, I find myself disheartened to learn that Dr. Pepper HQ put the kibosh on one of my favorite strains of Dr. Pepper Prime: Dublin Dr. Pepper, which was made with the original cane sugar as opposed to high-fructose corn syrup, and which happened to be absolutely delicious. Seems the corporate overlords didn’t like its oldest bottler (since 1885!) selling a distinct version of its soda outside its territory in Dublin, Texas, which I would assume – with the Internet and all – would be a hard thing not to do. And since I was buying the stuff at a soda shop near my work in California, I’d say they were doing a good job breaking those boundaries. Anyway, this all went down earlier this year, but I didn’t find out about it until recently, so had gone through most but not all of my stash. I guess I’ll have to save my last few bottles for a memorable occasion. You can read more about what happened here.

Anyway, as disappointed as I am with Dr. Pepper corporate over this, I’ll probably still be drinking it as much as ever. So what’s your favorite soda?