Today’s strip continues this little bender of soda strips I’ve been on, recently. Not sure how or why that happened, it just did. Anyway, I’ve been seeing these touchscreen soda machines popping up in places like the movie theater and supermarket lately, and I’ve witnessed the rookie mistake from the strip happening all the time. Yes, the machines are called Coca-Cola Freestyle machines, but that doesn’t mean you should actually go freestyle. As always, with great power comes great responsibility, and just because you can mix Coke Raspberry with Orange Fanta, Barq’s and Powerade, doesn’t mean you should. Now, a little mixing is okay – adding a little Cherry Coke to your Vanilla Coke is a combo I can recommend, and I know a few people who like a half-and-half mix of Diet and regular Coke, but anything more than that and you’re playing with fire.

So are there any mixes you BOTpeeps would recommend? I’ll mix a little fruit punch into my Mountain Dew to make something close to Code Red in a pinch, but that’s about the extent of my powers as a soda mixologist.