George Lucas selling Lucasfilm to Disney is probably the biggest Star Wars news (see story here) since the announcement of the Prequels. I knew I’d someday see Lucas giving up the reigns to Star Wars to either his heirs or another studio, but I never thought it would be so soon. And to announce a 2015 release date for the first movie of the next trilogy was just icing on the space cake. I might have been worried about Disney being the company entrusted with these properties 10-15 years ago, but after seeing their fairly hands-off approach to Pixar and Marvel (and the quality of the movies that have come out of both of those studios) I’m pretty confident we’ll get something worth getting excited about from Episodes VII, VIII and IX. That said, it doesn’t completely stop my brain from coming up with some Kingdom Hearts craziness (and for the record, I love KH) from a Disney/Lucasfilm mashup.

So what do you think? Is this Disney/Lucasfilm alliance a good thing or has Star Wars gone to the Dark Side?

Oh, and props to Lucas for saying he’s going to donate the 4 billion dollars he’s earned from the sale to his education charity.