While I check a few websites for news each morning to see what’s going on in the world, it’s nothing compared to what happens to me every four years when the presidential election comes around. From the time the primaries hit to the time the electoral votes are counted, I’m a total news junkie constantly gleaning info from political podcasts, cable news and the web. I thought I’d be happy once the election ended so I could get back to my regular podcasts and programming, but the withdrawals have hit me hard since Tuesday, probably because of the ups and downs and dramatic turns of this year’s race. Or maybe because I’m spending more time at home and am loaded up with all the news, analysis and punditry my brain can handle. Whatever the reason, I hope I can wean myself from all this election coverage so I can enjoy the upcoming holidays without checking the web or turning on the TV.

So how ’bout you BOTreaders? Do you become news junkies when something big happens or when it’s time to elect a new fearless leader? News junkies all the time? Or hate the news and actively avoid it?

(Also, I can’t believe JEFbot’s been around long enough for two presidential elections now! Remember these strips way back when: JEFBOT.36JEFBOT.72)