It has been a loooong time in the making, but the new BOTshop is finally here, just in time for the holiday season! So if you’re trying to find something unique for that special geek in your life, look no further: The BOTshop is practically brimming with geekiness, as demonstrated by the following merch:

I think my favorite thing in the store right now has got to be the new JEFBOT VOLUME.01_All Dysfunctions Normal books collecting the first 203 strips of the JEFbot comic! A true labor of love, these full-color books have new commentary in ’em, sketches, inks, an introduction by me, a foreword by the director of Star Wars Saga in 60 Minutes and more! Choose between the regular softcover or hardcover editions or the signed / numbered / stamped / sketched / banded / limited editions for all the collectors out there! If you’ve been waiting for this to become available outside of comic conventions, or you know someone who would dig reading JEFbot this holiday, CLICK AWAY!

There are also a bunch of t-shirts available, and who doesn’t like tees, especially if you’re of the geeky or nerdy persuasion!? You can find everything from The Power of Scrawn and The Power of Chub (I’ll let you decide which shirt you feel is more appropriate for yourself or your giftee) to the bestselling Quality Time, All Dysfunctions Normal and The Original Energy Drink tees! All of them are made of soft, durable cotton and printed with high-quality, colorful inks. One of them (the TRON tribute, naturally) even glows in the dark! How’s that for geeky?

So get on over to The BOTshop and do some shoppin’! Not only will you find fun, creative gifts for yourself, family and friends, but you’ll be supporting your friendly neighborhood webcomic artist, too! And if you get your orders in within the next couple of weeks, I’ll be shipping nearly every day to get everything out in time for Christmas.

I think that’s it, folks! Here’s the link, and thanks for taking a look!

The BOTshop