I’m pretty excited about seeing The Hobbit this weekend but there are more choices than usual to consider before making your ticket purchase. All of the standard choices – IMAX, Lie-Max, regular, 2D or 3D – are here, but now we have to take into account screenings showing the movie at the normal 24 frames-per-second or screenings with the newer, faster 48fps (or HFR/High Frame Rate, to adopt the parlance.) Myself, I want to check out an HFR screening of this film, if only because I’ve heard such bad reactions from critics and the Twitterverse about it (they say the moving images are just too clear and too smooth, almost like watching video instead of film), I fear this may be the last chance to see it (or future movies!) in this format. Also, because reactions have been so split, I definitely want to check it out for myself to see how I feel about it before it potentially goes away. I hope I like HFR and the movie, and seeing as how The Hobbit is one of the favorite books of my youth I hope I love it, but after all the disappointing prequels and sequels of late, my expectations are tempered.

So who’s seeing The Hobbit this weekend? And what format do you plan on seeing it in?