Yes, it’s awards season again and we’ve seen jefbot in the midst of watching screeners for the SAG Awards before. It seems with each passing year the physical screeners come less and less often yet the digital screeners have more or less taken up the slack. Most of the time this is just fine by me, as many of these come as a code to be redeemed on iTunes, which makes watching them on my Apple TV in HD with Surround Sound pretty optimal short of seeing them in an actual theater. Some screeners, however, are only available for view on specific websites, which makes watching them decidedly less optimal; I really don’t want to be watching something as beautifully shot as The Master for over two hours on my laptop. (Or worse, on my phone, as in today’s strip.) First World Problems, to be sure, but since I’m fortunate enough to be in the Screen Actor’s Guild and lucky enough to be getting these screeners, I thought I’d share.

You know that new merch I mentioned last time? Ran into some hurdles but still working on it. Details for sure this weekend!