Today’s strip pretty much reflects my reaction to the news last week that J.J. Abrams would be directing the first of the new Star Wars films. At first I was all shocked and outraged and then when I thought about it I was just kinda… meh. Even after bringing up the news to a couple friends the conversation only lasted a few minutes before we moved onto another topic, when previously (i.e. pre-Prequels) this news would have prompted hours of heated discussion. Now, I’m not sure if I’m just burned out on all the Star Wars news of late, or the safe and unexciting Abrams announcement bummed me out or that maybe I’m *gasp!* just kind of bored with Star Wars right now (gods forbid) but for whatever reason, this new set of Star Wars films hasn’t lit the fanboy fires within me. Maybe it’ll take more leaked info to come out. Maybe it’ll take the first trailer to be viewed. Maybe I’ll have to be in the actual theater waiting for the Fox Disney logo to come up and the opening crawl to appear. But right now, I’m more excited by what Marvel’s doing with its expanding universe than what’s going on with a galaxy far, far away, and I would’ve considered that crazy talk a few years ago.

So how ’bout you BOTreaders? Excited about J.J. Abrams? The new films? Wait and see? Meh?

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