Every year, my sister Laura (aka Lor) and brother-in-law Mike (aka Coolhand) throw an epic Super Bowl party replete with multiple courses of food and booze, varied games, family, friends and… uh… oh yeah: a big football game. My priorities for attending this party pretty much fall in that order, too. It’s not that I’m against the event or hate football, it’s just that I don’t follow it and have avoided doing so since birth. Heck, I didn’t even know the Ravens made the cut this year until just before I arrived at my sister’s door. I know I’m not alone in this just as I’m sure many watch the Super Bowl solely for the halftime show and commercials, as those items (and the 34-minute blackout) seemed to generate the most links – even more so than the particulars of the football game itself – when I logged onto the Internet the following morning. I look forward to next year’s Super Bowl, but mostly because I’ll be anticipating the pizza, tempura shrimp, Nerf hoops and pie. As for the football? If I have to.

How ’bout you BOTpeeps? What are your traditions for the “Big Game”? And how many of you watch it for the football, and how many of you watch it for everything else?

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