And so, my “real life” and jefbot’s become ever so closer. I suspect someday they’ll merge when I finally lose my tenuous grasp on reality, but hopefully that’s a while away yet.

It’s funny that I’ve never touched upon jefbot’s “real” job in the comic before, as bot’s struggle between his desk job, acting career and personal life was the original pitch in the conceptual stages of this comic 5-6 years ago. Somehow, the “desk job” evaporated (along with the best friend character being a stoner) as I started actually writing and drawing JEFbot. I always thought I’d get around to revealing what bot actually does for money, but never did. Probably because this strip was kind of a protected world I created away from reality, and I didn’t want to taint it with my job. That just seemed boring and something I was trying to escape from. In addition, there were a ton of traditional comic strips and webcomics dealing with various workplaces and I didn’t feel like I had much more to contribute. However, now that I’ve recently found myself jobless (not counting the > full-time hours I put into JEFbot currently), I’ve found I have a lot to say! Being unemployed is much funnier than being employed but unfortunately, it’s also a lot more stressful and depressing as well. A perfect combination for comic strips, I’d say! A combination we’ll explore over the next week or so.

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