Since it generally takes a lot (usually copious amounts of exercise and/or stress will do the trick) for my system to generate any body odor, I used to try and avoid bathing whenever possible when I was a kid and would sometimes go 4-5 days without doing so. Now I can’t even go one day without my body retaliating in some way if I don’t scrub down with cleansers for a minimum of 15 minutes (give or take) in scalding water. In some ways, I think my body is, indeed, allergic to its own secretions. On the first and second day without a shower, my skin has a warm glow about it, and my hair isn’t as frizzy and wild as is its wont. But any longer than that, and – as detailed in today’s strip – my skin starts breaking out and my hair becomes an oily mess. It isn’t pretty.

So how ’bout you BOTpeeps? How long can you go without taking a shower before either your body begins to notice or the people around you do?

So I’m back from the Emerald City Comicon! Details to follow, hopefully this weekend. And can you believe we’re almost to strip #500!? I’ll definitely be  commemorating that milestone here on the site, soon. Stay tuned.