First of all, sorry today’s comic went up late. I had a busy weekend, then had to deal with plumbers and workers early this morning and then most of the afternoon ‘cuz the ceiling of my bathroom collapsed due to a leak. This process has been ongoing since last Wednesday (I think. It’s been going on so long now I’ve forgotten the details), but they’ve gotten a lot of work done so maybe I’ll be able to wash up in my own shower within the next couple of days. *fingers crossed*

Now that you know the details about my destroyed bathroom, we can talk about today’s strip! Mu and bot are reunited. They have Yuki, supplies, weapons (well, Mu does,) and a plan. I think that’s all they need to get started on their quest! Let’s hope no other mishaps occur here at the BOTcave so I can give you the next episode at our regularly scheduled date and time. (i.e. around midnight, this Wednesday.) See you then!

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