Wii U vs XBOX One vs PS4After watching the recent E3 presentations from Microsoft and Sony (for the upcoming XBOX One and Playstation 4, respectively) and the Nintendo Direct broadcast (for its Wii U and 3DS consoles) this week, I wanna know what you BOTpeeps are most excited about! Since I don’t want to influence the results, I’ll give my opinion below the poll. You have three votes, so pick your Top 3!

Which console(s) are you most excited about as we approach the New Next Gen? (Choose up to 3)

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I went in pretty much hyped on the XBOX One, figuring Microsoft would have something crazy and awesome up its sleeve for E3, but after watching both the Microsoft and Sony presentations, I was fairly sold on Sony’s message for the PS4: that it’s a machine created for traditional gaming and gamers, rather than a big play for your living room filled with crazy restrictions and ownership paradigms never before seen in a home console. I rarely, if ever, loan my games out and don’t trade games in, so Microsoft’s restrictive policies regarding these things shouldn’t bother me, but they do, especially when the XBOX One requires an Internet connection at least once every 24 hours to play (again, this shouldn’t bother me since I always need a connection for JEFbot) and I won’t even get into the (mostly) “always on” Kinect, watching and listening to you, even when the console’s “off.” And then there’s the whole, “PS4’s a hundred dollars cheaper” thing. Now that I’m pinching pennies doing JEFbot as my full-time job, I have to think about these things, and $399 sounds so much better than $499 these days. I don’t even care that the $399 model of the PS4 doesn’t come with a Playstation Eye; I have one for the PS3 and almost never use it, and use the Kinect for the 360 even less. Sony’s support of Indie developers and allowing them to self-publish vs. Microsoft’s seeming neglect (and/or disdain) of them is also big for me, as I had some of my favorite experiences this generation playing Indie games (Fez, Super Meat Boy, Cave Story, Journey, Bastion, LIMBO, etc.) Also, I love me some JRPGs, and I’ll bet more of those will hit the PS4 vs the XBOX One in the future.

Those are some quick thoughts after processing the initial news out of E3. The new consoles aren’t coming out ’til the end of the year so things can change before then and I might come back around on the XBOX One (or XBone as the kids are now calling it) so my mind is still open to change as more info is released. I already have a Wii U and am semi-excited for some upcoming games (mostly Pikmin 3, LoZ: Wind Waker HD and the upcoming JRPG from the Xenogears peoples) which is why I didn’t talk about it much. My most-played console of the moment is the 3DS, though, and I’m way more excited for the upcoming games for that than pretty much anything: Pokémon X&Y, Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros., Dragon Quest VII, Shin Megami Tensei IV and more. I suppose this means the 3DS gets my first vote as far as excitement about upcoming games goes. And with that, here are my votes:

1) 3DS
2) PS4
3) XBOX One

Let me know what you think and kindly back up those thoughts in the comments!