A relevant question from our mystery creature, no? Luckily for jefbot, it seems to be an “ask first, bite later” type of monster.

Man, it’s been a crazy past couple weeks, y’all! (Which is why I’ve been away from the site and Twitter the past few days.) But all that work has paid off as I was able to finish three new prints for my appearance at this week’s Anime Expo (my first time at this convention) in Los Angeles! I should be getting these prints back from the printer today or tomorrow so I’ll post ’em on the site later this week if I can. Thanks for all your patience while I’ve been getting ready for this con, and if you’re in the Southern California area, come on by the BOTbooth (#1510) at Anime Expo! I’ll put up more details on the site soon, but here’s the important stuff:

Anime Expo
L.A. Convention Center
July 4-7, 2013
Booth #1510