6 Years of BOT 30% Off Sale!

Wow! I can’t believe JEFbot has been in existence for 6 years! But, yep, it does indeed say “August 2007” on that first strip so I’ll just assume it’s true and not a joke my past self has played on my present self. I know some of you have been here since the very beginning, many of you came aboard a few years into the run, and others have joined us just recently. Whichever timeframe applies, I’m happy you’re all here, as each and every one of you has helped me grow as a writer and artist throughout JEFbot’s lifespan (I mean, just look at those first few comics as evidence!) and kept me motivated to keep creating every day, month and year since I started posting these comics to the web.

BOTshop screenshotSo, to celebrate the anniversary, and also as a way to say, “Hey, thanks!” I’m having our BIGGEST SALE EVER, marking everything in The BOTshop down by 30%! Just type “6YEARSOFBOT” (without quotes) into the “Redeem a Gift Certificate or Coupon” field during checkout and you’ll see your savings applied immediately. (See example in the light blue box.)

And to coincide with this anniversary, I’ve finally gotten our most popular Prints (Quality Time & Int’l Beastros) into The BOTshop! Previously only available at comic conventions, you can now order these unique and frame-ready prints directly from The BOTshop. And just like at conventions, I’ll personalize the print to you (and a friend if you’d like, which is a popular choice with the Quality Time prints) and sign each one. Just let me know the name(s) you’d like in the Order Instructions field during checkout.

Here’s what the prints look like, available in both 8×10″ and 12×18″ sizes in The BOTshop (click here to shop Prints):

Quality Time 2.0 Prints: 3-PackI also wanted to mention that I’ve recently restocked the Quality Time 2.0 and Ramen House (flavored with Cthulhu!) tees in a variety of colors, so if you’ve been wanting to pick up one of these geek-chic tees, there’s been no better time to do so than now! (Click here to shop Tees.)

QT2.0 & Ramen House tees

And don’t forget JEFBOT.VOL01_All Dysfunctions Normal, collecting the first 203 strips that started it all! Now you can get these books at their cheapest price yet in both softcover or hardcover, with the deluxe, Angry Scarf Edition (with exclusive color sketch, stamp, wraparound and signature) still available! (Click here to shop Books.)


That’s it! Enjoy the sale and again, BIG THANKS for the past 6 years, BOTpeeps! Know that your purchases not only fund new merch, but they also keep my bills paid, so you and your generosity have my eternal gratitude. I couldn’t have made it this far if I didn’t have your  enthusiasm and support, so here’s hoping for  another 6 years (at least!) of stories and laughs together!

The BOTshop

This sale will run from now through September 20, so enjoy it while it lasts!