Hey, BOTpeeps!Just as the image above says: SOOOoOOOo sorry for the dearth of new strips this month, y’all! Taking the BOTbooth to two cities, in two different states, meeting readers and driving an accumulated 3300+ miles all within a span of a couple weeks clearly took more time away from JEFbot (and you all!) than I was expecting. But now that I’m back home in L.A. with no other comic conventions (so far) in the near future, I’m nearly ready to get back behind the drawing table/tablet and return to jefbot’s adventures with Mu, Yuki and the Cave Rabbit! I just need this weekend to get caught up on responsibilities I’ve neglected over the past month, fulfill a bunch of orders from The BOTshop and catch up on some much-needed rest, which means I’ll be back to writing and drawing on Monday and should be uploading a new strip to you guys on Tuesday. I should also have something written up about Portland’s Rose City Comic Con (where I was just at) and doing another BOTton giveaway soon.

Again, big apologies for keeping you waiting on bot’s journey through the Rabbit Cave while under the influence of some questionable tea but with any luck, that journey will continue next Tuesday with the 554th JEFbot comic strip: Life, The BOTiverse and Everything. Hope to see you then!

Also, because of my absence the past few weeks, I’m extending the 6 Years of BOT 33% Off Sale in The BOTshop through the end of the month. So if there’s been some BOTmerch you’ve had your eye on but haven’t committed yet, you still have a few days! Just use the “6YEARSOFBOT coupon code during checkout before October 1st to get in on the deal. Click here for details / Click here for The BOTshop.