Hmmm… parallel universes? Does this mean we could meet a “Mirror Universe” jefbot (with an evil goatee and monotone voice, of course) or any other Mirror BOTiverse characters in future installments? Let’s hope so!

Sorry for the late comic – the more time-consuming art style of the latest strips and being swamped with some stuff I’ll share with you shortly are to blame. With some luck I’ll be able to get Friday’s JEFbot up at a decent hour.

[UPDATE 10/14/2013] Buh. Apologies for Friday’s missing JEFbot! Once again, life stuff intervened and I wasn’t able to get the latest JEFbot out. I was able to work on the strip this weekend, though, and I’ll be spending today making sure we’re back on track tomorrow (Tuesday) with a new strip and then (hopefully) there won’t be any further delays. Thanks – as always – for your patience!