I’m saddened and disappointed to tell you all that I won’t be at the Emerald City Comicon this year. ECCC was the first major convention I set the BOTbooth up at and the convention and people there hold a very special place in my heart. I love Seattle and the trip up is always one of the highlights of my driving adventures during the year – the view going up is spectacular and stopping in Portland has become a tradition.

With that said, it’s with a heavy heart that I had to cancel my booth at the last minute – but for good reason! Turns out I booked a small job this past weekend with College Humor that I couldn’t turn down, and it has continued on into this week. I also have another job interview this Friday that popped up that I need to be in L.A. for. Many of you who have been visiting this site over the past couple of years know that I’ve been looking for a steady job for a long time now (paying rent is important!), and so I just couldn’t turn these opportunities down, as much as I wanted to be at ECCC this weekend.

So to sum up: huge, heartfelt apologies to the BOTpeeps who came by the BOTbooth only to find, well, I’m not sure who or what’s in that space now. (If you go to the convention, let me know!) I’ll miss seeing all your awesome faces and getting to hang with you at one of the best comicons around. Wish me luck that I’ll book a job soon, and I hope to be back at Emerald City with hugs and fist-bumps for you next year! (Oh, and for the record, I still plan on being at the San Diego Comic-Con in July if all goes according to plan. Fingers crossed!)