TCBVII7And it’s done! It only took two years but the story of the Peppermint Elf is now complete and we can move on to new things (well, there’s an epilogue, but it’ll be short and sweet.) Hopefully, this tale will get the word out that there will be retribution to those that would sneak around baking confections during Christmastime!!! Unfortunately for the elf, this public service was enforced by the Bat, and his punishments are cruel.

Welcome to 2017, JEFbot readers! Happy to be here celebrating a new year with you on this site, once again. Things (i.e. life, work) are starting to get busy again so I can’t promise updates on any sort of regular schedule, but I’m excited at the prospect of getting back to the little adventure jefbot and Mu are on. Hated to leave them in such a dire predicament.

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