Cookie haul!I couldn’t resist this minty, short and sweet epilogue to The Peppermint Elf storyline. Thanks for indulging me!

Now that this admittedly long-in-the-making storyline is complete and The Christmas Bat has returned to his dark cave to hibernate, I think it’s safe to move back to our regular programming. I can’t say exactly when that will happen – I just picked up some new work that’s going to keep me busy for about a month (yay!) – but this year I’m going to try and continue to make new comics when I can. Getting back to writing and drawing JEFbot and talking with you readers again has been a ton of fun over the past few weeks and I don’t want to stop now. Here’s hoping I’ll be back in February *fingers crossed* so we can finally move Mu and bot out of that ominous cliffhanger and on with their epic adventure! See ya then.

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