Hey, BOTpeeps! I’m excited to tell you that NEW JEFbot STRIPS ARE COMING! Which means I can finally – FINALLY!!! – move ‘bot and Mu out of webcomic limbo and back on the road to fulfill their quests! I took down the latest Christmas Bat tale, The Peppermint Elf, from the site so new readers can jump right into these new strips and go back through The Archive without being confused, so if you were wondering about the disappearance: that’s why. I’ll put it back up after I’ve published more regular strips.

As always, I’m sending a big THANK YOU to the readers that have stuck with me for so long to see a continuation to this storyline! I’m constantly getting feedback both at conventions and online from people asking when new “Prime” strips will be back so it feels good to actually be writing and drawing the strip again. I can’t really say what the schedule’s going to be for future comics as I’ll be doing them during my free time between jobs – and it just so happens I have some time at the moment – but I’m going to TRY and get one out every other week or so (possibly more than that, but that seems like a manageable schedule), as long as I don’t get swamped with other projects. In any event, expect a comic sometime this week! I’m shooting for Tuesday or Wednesday at the moment, so keep an eye out.

While you wait, here’s some artwork I’ve been sharing on the social sites, recently. (Check out my Twitter/jefbot, Instagram/shootzee and Tumblr/jefbot feeds for more.) I’ll also try to publish an update to the BOTology to get new readers caught up and give longtime readers a refresher on the story. See you back here soon, and HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS! It’s gonna be a wild ride.

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