NEW COMIC!!! I hope you stalwart BOTpeeps enjoyed reading this new strip as much as I enjoyed making it! Can’t thank you longtime readers enough for keeping the faith that we’d somehow, someway return to ‘bot and Mu’s little adventure, even when things looked bleak. As I mentioned in this recent blog post, I’m going to try and deliver a strip every other week or so when I have time between projects. This storyline has been rattling around in my head for years now – literally, since JEFbot began – and it feels sOOooo good to begin telling it again and getting those ideas out of my brain and onto the page. Hope you guys are ready to get back into it and see where this journey leads!

The Animated Journey #043UPDATE: Hey, I’m on one of my favorite podcasts about the animation industry, The Animated Journey! During the episode, I talk about JEFbot, webcomics, acting and my path into animation with my friend and host, Angela Entzminger. Give it a listen by clicking here!