After a treacherous hike, some tea time with a giant bunny, a trip through the multi-BOT-iverse, and a few rounds of Magic the Gathering, it’s time for some ACTION!


Pssst, BOTpeeps – you may have seen this addressed on my Instagram or Twitter feeds, but JEFBOT just turned 10 YEARS OLD!!! Insanity, I know, but the first BOTstrip was born on August 2007. I’ll be writing a blog post about it soon so I can properly thank all of you readers who have stuck by this comic for so many years, especially when the content was light to non-existent. You all are why JEFBOT’s still going after all this time! And what better way to celebrate than with a new strip of Mu cracking Growler skulls!? (And check back in the next week or so, too, as I’m madly drawing the next couple’a comics whenever I can get a break from work.) Thanks, all!