As big of an animal lover as I am, I’m pretty sure I would’ve done the same thing (hauled the killer dog over the cliff) had I been in bot’s shoes. And although I’m sure bot’s gonna be feeling pretty conflicted about this for a long time to come, I’m sure Mu won’t be shedding any tears over it. Of course, deflecting a mutant doberman and deflecting a giant, angry, mutant, cyber, bear paw are different things entirely, so you’ll just have to stay tuned to see how (or if!?) bot gets out of this one!

Just wanted to let you BOTpeeps know that the next strip might not be posted ’til October since I just booked two new jobs (animating another Glamour : My First Time vid (NSFW, 16+), and the opening credit sequence to an online show!) and am not sure I’ll be able to get another comic strip done while that’s going on. I’ll be sure to post to my social feeds if I can squeeze one in, though. Been loving writing and drawing these strips and reconnecting with you readers again!