I should have gotten this up a couple of weeks ago but due to work pressures and procrastination, I’m just now getting to it. If you read my last blog post a couple of weeks ago, here’s what happened next:

new yorkAfter the meetings in Parsippany were over, I took a train into Greenwich, CT where my roommate Michael was visiting his mom, sister and niece due to his grandfather’s funeral earlier in the week. The circumstances were awful, but because of this coincidence of timing, I had a great place to stay close to New York with a bunch of cool people.
We all took a train into the Big Apple on Saturday, with Michael’s sister Christina pointing out the sights. It was face-freezingly cold in the city, so after walking along Broadway, picking up some cheap show tickets, and a fleeting look at some ice skaters at Rockefeller Center, we ducked into Morrell Wine Bar and Cafe, and thawed out while sharing a bottle of red.
the cornacchiasAfter heading back out into the cold, we stopped into some shops then Christina treated us to an amazing dinner at Nobu. After an assortment of sushi, sake and various desserts, we hopped in a cab and zipped over to Broadway in time to catch Avenue Q, a musical I’ve wanted to see for a long time now. It didn’t disappoint; the acting, singing and puppetry were all top-notch. The most memorable moment of the evening, however, had to be when I was following fast-walking Christina out of the theater, when to my surprise, she suddenly hops into a waiting Town Car parked right in front of the exit doors. I see Michael and his mom follow suit, so I do the same, and we were all whisked away before the rest of the crowd began to fill the sidewalk. I was completely astonished (and felt like I was in an episode of Entourage), but it turns out Christina had called for a company car during the intermission to drive us back to Connecticut. I swear, when I become rich and famous, I’m hiring a driver, first thing.
shari albertOn Sunday, Michael and I took a train from Greenwich to New York’s Grand Central Station, then cabbed over to the apartment of the lovely and talented Shari Albert, a friend in the East Village. We talked for a while, then walked over to a cool, dimly-lit little Italian Restaurant (I can’t remember the name) nearby. On the way back to Shari’s, we picked up some cannolis and New York Cheesecake at Venieros Pasticceria & Caffé and pigged out on them upon our return. I can truly say they were the best cannolis I’ve ever eaten. The shells were light and flaky, not the least bit soft or soggy, and the cream was sweet but not overly so. The cheesecake was great, too, but the cannolis were so good, I might just have to order a bunch the next time I have a party since they ship them out-of-state. Yum.
The next morning, Michael had already gone and was flying back to Los Angeles, so Shari took jefbot at shari'sme on a tour of the neighborhood while we walked her dog, Sydney. The weather was a bit chilly, but was the warmest it had been since I arrived on the east coast, so it was nice to walk. We stopped into a café where the owner fed Sydney some turkey, and we got some coffee. I think if I were to move to New York for some reason, this neighborhood would be an ideal place to live. Anyway, after leaving Shari’s and taking a car back to Newark, NJ, I got on a plane to L.A., and headed back home where it was rainy and cold, so it didn’t feel like I left the east coast at all.
Overall, a great trip. I gotta get back to New York soon and do some touristy stuff like walking through Central Park, visiting the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, checking out museums, etc. Looks like that trip may happen later this year, fingers crossed.