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The Breakdown

JEFbot is the semiautobiographical webcomic of writer/artist Jeff Schuetze, a multiethnic actor in Hollywood obsessed with movies, videogames, comics, anime, gadgets and most of pop culture in general. The strip is loosely based on these obsessions in addition to his (yes, I’ll say it) crazy family, overbearing roommate, and equally obsessive friends. Fortunately, in jefbot’s world, all dysfunctions are normal. And no, he’s not a robot. As far as we know at this point, anyway.

JEFbot updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and can be found here at JEFBOT.com. A print collection of JEFbot’s first 203 strips can be found at The BOTshop here

The Cast

JEFbotJEFBOT. Much like his real-life counterpart, jefbot’s a multiethnic actor obsessed with movies, videogames, comics and gadgets. His days are spent auditioning for movies, tv shows and commercials or in front of a computer doing graphic design for his job. His nights are spent playing videogames and watching movies with friends.


The CornfatherTHE CORNFATHER. Italian-and-proud roommate and friend to jefbot. He’s also an actor and books acting jobs all the time, supplementing his income between gigs by hosting weekend birthday parties for kids. jefbot’s foil where videogames, gadgets and technology are concerned.



XindaXINDA: WARRIOR SISTA. jefbot’s older sister, married to Ted, and knitter of the Angry Scarf. Her love of animals tempers her somewhat volatile emotions and manner. Inexplicably, she has a strong affinity for male deodorant and likes playing dangerous games involving sharp objects and family members.



mombotMOMBOT. jefbot’s mom, from whom all of his hoarding instincts and gaming obsessions stem. She holds an intense love for her TiVo and Nintendo DS as well as for her guitar, ukulele and music collection. She also has an uncanny balancing ability honed from her childhood spent climbing trees in Hawaii and a vice-like, prehensile big toe that can cut through steel.


CoolhandLOR. jefbot’s other (crazy) sister, who’s endlessly searching for a career path to follow, whether that be as a hair stylist or underwater oil rig welder. Her schemes are either crazy or brilliant(you decide) and are always unexpected. Married to Coolhand.



CoolhandCOOLHAND. Married to Lor, he is jefbot’s brother-in-law and friend. He understands the geek speak and technobabble of the ‘bot, and the two of them share a love of  fast food and moviegoing expressed by seeing good-to-crappy movies at the local theater every Friday.


The Story So Far

Check this link out for a synopsis of the BOTology from 2007 to the start of the Return of Mu storyline in 2013. Click at your peril!:
JEFBOT BOTology: The Story So Far…
JEFbot BOTology logo




Favorite Storylines

If you’re new here, you should start at the beginning by clicking here, but if you’ve been here before and want to revisit some favorite storylines or just want to jump in and get your feet wet, check out (in no particular order):

THE SMELL OF FEAR. This was probably my favorite storyline so far, and from the response I received in comments and emails, fans dug this one, too. This one concerns Xinda mistaking jefbot’s deodorant for a fancy German cologne. Actually, the less explained, the better, so just read:
• JEFBOT.80_What Sexy Isn’t
• JEFBOT.81_Made For a Woman
• JEFBOT.82_The Smell of Fear
• JEFBOT.83_Never Let Them See You Sweat
JEFBOT.84_Death by Degree
JEFBOT.85_Brute Force

I HATE WIL WHEATON. Probably the most popular storyline in terms of hits, thanks to Wil linking to the strips from his site.
• JEFBOT.66_Force of Wil
• JEFBOT.67_Wil Power
• JEFBOT.68_Wil to Fight

STRIKE!. I think this was the first bit of continuity I attempted in JEFbot by giving myself a few strips to tell a story. I was seriously blown away by the email I received from striking writers, thanking me for the support and for the clever writing (or lack thereof in JEFBOT.18). This emboldened me to continue doing storylines as opposed to single gags. And no, there is nothing wrong with the second strip. 🙂
• JEFBOT.17_Strike01
• JEFBOT.18_Strike02
• JEFBOT.19_Strike03

SITH HAPPENS. This one shed light on what the Cornfather does at his weekend job hosting kid parties, mixed in with letting me draw some cool Star Wars stuff.
• JEFBOT.20_Sith Happens
• JEFBOT.21_Sith Happens02
• JEFBOT.22_Sith Happens03

THE SHORT. This one was fun to do since I was basing it on a pilot I was acting in at the time, that Michael (the Cornfather) was shooting. Actors seemed to get a kick out of this storyline.
• JEFBOT.75_The Short
• JEFBOT.76_The Short02
• JEFBOT.77_The Short03
• JEFBOT.78_The Short04
• JEFBOT.79_The Short05

There are more storylines than I thought! I might have to make a dedicated page for these in the future to fit them all in. For now, these will have to do.

Guest Strips

GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS. This was my first guest strip, and I was completely stoked to do it, since GWS was (and still is) one of my favorite webcomics out there (top 3, for sure). GWS writer/artist Danielle Corsetto was supercool and seeing my work on her site ranks near the top of favorite experiences in my short history as a webcomics creator, so far. Also, a lot of my readers were introduced to JEFbot through that guest strip, so I’m eternally grateful to Danielle for that, too. Also: jefbot cameo!
• Girls With Slingshots_Awkward