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The story so far...

It was a typical afternoon in sunny Hollywood, California, when jefbot, a mild-mannered actor and geek, ran into a mysterious gamer lady named cel, who was converting an old building in the neighborhood into a vintage video game arcade.
- JEFBOT.137_Seeing Red -

While their initial meeting was... not optimal, cel ended up taking jefbot on a tour of the arcade and they became fast friends. Safe to say, jefbot was smitten.
- JEFBOT.138_Welcome to the Neighborhood -

...So much so, that jefbot later invited cel to a beach party he was attending with his roommate, the Cornfather. After another dramatic appearance by our resident gamer girl, cel and bot spent a romantic afternoon playing video games, hanging out on the pier...
- JEFBOT.169_Making a Splash -

...and winning a beer pong tournament, ending with them...
- JEFBOT.176_Pong Prep -

...sharing a first kiss by the ocean. Awwww.
- JEFBOT.179_Steady As We Go -

Unfortunately, this moment was spoiled by some inexplicable lights appearing in the night sky. Lights which appeared to be extraterrestrial in origin. During the commotion amongst the partygoers, cel slipped away, leaving jefbot with only the Pez dispenser they had won during the tournament.
- JEFBOT.183_Lights, Camera, Inaction -

That night, while jefbot was sleeping, one of his pet hamsters, Musashi, was abducted by an advanced technology, leaving only one hamster, Miyuki, in the cage when bot awoke the next day.
- JEFBOT.190_Epilogue: Good Night, Mu -

After the events of the beach party (and Mu's abduction) began to fade, jefbot was doing laundry when he dropped a scarf - a gift his sister Xinda had knitted him - into a puddle of Mountain Dew Code Red and a strange goo. Unbeknownst to jefbot, that goo was teeming with sentient (and psychic) alien microbes, which had landed on earth in a comet millions of years before.
- JEFBOT.271_Origin Story -

Soon after the laundry incident, jefbot and the Cornfather received an invitation to the Grand Opening of cel's business, The Last Arcade. Upon arriving, they found the place understaffed and cel overwhelmed, and were put to work straight away.
- JEFBOT.274_Demands -

After an exhausting day helping customers and competing in a Donkey Kong tournament (with none other than Wil Wheaton) cel and bot enjoyed some alone time in a Star Wars cabinet after closing the arcade. Unfortunately, that was the exact moment...
- JEFBOT.314_Cabinet Fever -

...the "Space Invaders" returned!
- JEFBOT.316_Epilogue.02: The Return -

And once again, cel disappeared into the night, and hasn't been seen since.
- JEFBOT.320_Epilogue.06: Lame Goodbye -

Later, after much angst and feelings of helplessness worrying about cel, jefbot was alone in his room when something seemingly attacked him from behind and attached itself to the back of his neck.
- JEFBOT.356_There Will Be Scarf -

Initially frightened, jefbot soon discovered it was the scarf he had dropped in the goo, which now seemed alive and under his control!
- JEFBOT.361_Dawn of the Thread -

As any good geek would do, jefbot - armed with his sentient scarf - adopted a super hero persona, and patrolled the streets of Hollywood as Super Scrawn!
- JEFBOT.368_New Threads -

Unfortunately, the Scarf was infused not only with alien microbes and Mountain Dew, but with a tendency toward anger and dark emotions as well, which overwhelmed bot when he confronted a villain in a park near his apartment.
- JEFBOT.377_Pushed -

After a prolonged battle in which he almost lost control of his Nerd Rage, bot learned to balance his emotions, and nearly became the superhero he was hoping to be. Unfortunately, just after this epiphany, the villain was able to separate bot from the Angry Scarf, which rendered bot unconscious, until he...
- JEFBOT.382_Balance -

...woke up on the couch in his apartment, not knowing how he had gotten there or what had happened. Since that day, much like cel, the Scarf hasn't been seen since.
- JEFBOT.387_Threading the Needle -

After moving out of the apartment he shared with the Cornfather and getting fired from his day job, jefbot found a new place in the same neighborhood but had become somewhat moody and introspective during this time of transition. All that changed in an instant, however, when he revisited his former apartment to remove some boxes he had stored there, and a mysterious creature armed with a strange technology exploded through the window, threatening to end jefbot's adventures right there and then!
- JEFBOT.503_Trouble -


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