ACTORbotWent on a GREAT casting director workshop with Erica Silverman of April Webster Casting yesterday and I can’t recommend her class highly enough. If you’re an actor in L.A. and get a chance to see Erica, do so. She was funny, articulate and gave out great scenes for us to work with.

Before we got to the acting though, she had a lot of great tips, the most profound of which was: BOOK THE OFFICE, NOT THE JOB. I’ve heard this sentiment before, but I like how succinctly she put it. Basically, there’s a million reasons besides talent why you aren’t going to book a certain part (look, hair color, height, ethnicity, etc.) but if you do a good job and they like you at the casting office, chances are they’ll bring you back for other parts in the future. If you’re an ass, or unprofessional, unprepared or untalented, you’re probably not going to get another chance for future parts at that office.

I’m hoping to get the opportunity to book that office, soon.