Matt 'n JeffWent to a surprise birthday party for my friend, Matthew, a couple of weeks ago in Playa Del Rey. I’m always surprised when people pull off surprise parties successfully, but I think planners Jeff P., Maggie, and brothers Michael & Chris, actually pulled it off as Matthew seemed genuinely shocked when we all pounced on him upon his arrival.

I’d be way too stressed to actually organize one of these things myself, as I’d become paranoid of spilling the beans accidentally. Beyond bringing firewood, alcohol and limes, I had nothing to do with the planning of Matt’s party, and yet, weeks leading up to the event, I found myself unable to look him in the eye or even talk to him much when I’d see him, for fear of just blurting out, “Surprise Party!” – which made it extremely uncomfortable hanging out with him. So, hats off to Jeff, Maggie and the Cornacchia Bros.

Surprise Party PeopleLike I said, the party took place in Playa Del Rey, at Christopher’s pad right off the beach. It was a beautiful day to have a party – the sun was out but it wasn’t too hot, and there was a slight breeze wafting lazily around throughout the day. I spent most of my time outdoors eating barbecued hot dogs and cheeseburgers, and playing Beer Pong with my friend Bevin.

Beer Pong LeaderboardSpeaking of which, Bevin and I were the champions of Beer Pong that day, racking up four (five? I lost count after my brain became increasingly beer-addled) wins and no losses. Bevin and I finally had to leave the table as undefeated champions since I was driving later that day to see Iron Man at the Cinerama Dome, and needed time to dry out, especially after combining the pong beer with the vodka-drenched watermelon Bevin brought. yeesh.

Needless to say, I had a great time at the party. Lots of cool people, great food and an awesome locale by the beach. Can’t wait to hang out there again this summer.

Check out pix of the party by clicking here. Beware of some cleavage, butt crack and pubes… Just sayin’.