Congratulations to the winners of the Free JEFBOT T-Shirt Contest II, and a big thank you to everybody who sent in an entry!

It was an interesting group of winners – we had our first one from outside the USA, we had two “Pauls,” and we had a return winner from the first contest whose husband also won (what are the odds!?)! Oh, and if that sounds like too many winners, it’s because, swept up in the chaotic fun of randomly picking the winners, my mom decided to donate an extra shirt to the contest (thanks, mom!).

Without further ado, here are the champions, my friends:

General Contest Winners
• Paul, Dracut, MA
• Paul Zeidman, San Francisco, CA
Kurtis B., Northridge, CA

Mailing-List-Peeps-Only Contest Winner
• Kellee B., Northridge, CA

Bonus MOMbot T-shirt Winner
• Shan M, Ottawa, Canada