JEFBOT_Kick Ass Tee

The contest is officially over! Names are being extracted, tabulated and dropped into hats as we speak. I’ll be posting the results here during the first week of December after contacting the winners. Thanks to everybody who entered!

Edit: Extending the contest through Saturday, November 29, due to all the craziness surrounding Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

The new JEFbot t-shirt is almost here! But first I’m having this contest to give a few of them away as a “thank you” to you readers. This time, there are three chances to get into the drawing for these sweet, luxurious tees. Check ’em out:

Chance #1: This one’s easy. Just shoot me an email letting me know the number or title of your favorite JEFbot strip. If you can’t name one off the top of your head, check out the archives, find one you like, and email me. Simple.

Chance #2: You have to be on the JEFbot e-mailing list to find out what to do for this one. If you aren’t on the mailing list already, it’s not too late. Just email me and I’ll put you on the list and instructions will follow when the next email goes out. Pretty simple.

Chance #3: MOMBOT’s Bonus Round: As in the last contest, my mom’s generously donating a shirt for an extra chance for someone to win a tee. Since the symbol on mombot’s character is a dragonfly, find the dragonfly (and not the one on her shirt, for reals) hidden in one of the strips mombot appears in (you’ll know it when you see it). Then email me with the strip number or title. A little harder, but there’s a way to keep this simple too, if you put your mind to it.

So that’s it! You have three chances to win (please submit only a single entry per “chance,” though), so do one, two or all three. The contest starts today and goes through next Friday, November 28, 2008 Saturday, November 29, 2008. After that, I’ll be putting names in hats and someone trustworthy will draw out the winners, who will be announced soon after.

Let the contest begin… NOW! Good luck, everybody!!!

Oh, and if you want to just buy a shirt, I’ll start doing pre-orders once these festivities are over.