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I’ve gotten a few emails asking about the Angry Scarf Edition of the new JEFbot book, so I thought I’d spotlight it here to clear things up for those who have been considering getting it in time to procure the free Holiday BOTton.

First off, with the Angry Scarf Edition you’re getting a few exclusive things not available with the Regular Edition. Namely:

1) A limited edition, stamped book
I designed this stamp solely for the Angry Scarf Editions of the softcover and hardcover books. Should these editions sell out and there’s demand for another limited edition, I’ll design a different stamp to keep this one unique.

2) A signed and numbered book
The A.S. editions are limited to 111 books for the hardcover and 333 for the softcover. Sorry, I can’t reserve specific numbers for orders as the logistics would be crazy.

3) A glossy “Angry Scarf” print wraparound
This print wraparound can be used to either keep the look of your book fashionable during the fall and winter months or thrown around your favorite plush so it knows the pleasure and fear of a simulated Angry Scarf constricting their neck. It can also be used as a bookmark. The variety of uses are endless! And like the stamp, these print wraparounds are limited to this first run of Angry Scarf books. The design will change in some way should another limited edition be issued in the future.

4) A full-color sketch of a JEFbot character hand-drawn by me
In the notes for your order during checkout, let me know who you’d like the book signed to and which character you’d like me to draw in your book. Also, keep it to one character in the BOTiverse (i.e. jefbot, cel, the Cornfather, Mombot, Xinda, Abraxas, Musashi, etc.) If you don’t specify a character, I’ll draw jefbot doing something – probably standing there, excited about being in your book. The sketch will be pencilled, inked and colored with an assortment of awesome, high quality, art markers! (See images in the slideshow above.)

I think that covers the main questions. If there’s something I haven’t covered here, let me know in the comments below. Also: thanks to everyone who bought something from The BOTshop this holiday season! Now that Christmas is nearly upon us, I can’t guarantee you’ll get your merch before the 25th, but I’ll do my best to get your order out as soon as possible. Happy Holidays!

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