4PR_Superbad*UPDATE!* Okay, I know in the email to my mailing list and on MySpace I said to read these comments to better understand this week’s JEFBOT. Yeah, disregard that. After thinking about it for a while and looking at it this morning, I decided to take the whole guessing aspect out of the equation and just lay out what movie I’m reviewing in the strip. Novel, huh? To actually let you in on what movie I’m talking about in a review?

If you weren’t here earlier, I didn’t have the title of the movie on the strip so it was kind of a game figuring out what movie is being referenced, but it gets too complicated when I have to explain how to play the game, especially since I’m going to be doing these Four Panel Reviews every month or so, and the funny’s still there so nothing’s lost. Basically, if you’ve seen the awesome movie Superbad, you’ll get the strip. If you haven’t, get in your car and get thee to a theater now. Seeing it with a huge group of other theatergoers is optimal. Judd Apatow’s on a serious roll with the quality movies, for reals. Not to mention Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. What a perfect cast. The only way this movie could have exceeded its own great heights would be if Paul Rudd made an appearance, but I understand that that’s just the Rudd fanboy in me talking.