jefbot29_stampAnother strip, another family member. Meet my niece, Akira. This nickname was bestowed upon her many years ago, due to my being completely enamored of the groundbreaking Japanese animated movie, Akira, when I was a kid. Airica, my niece, was not as thrilled with the movie as I was during those times, perhaps because it contained excessive amounts of violence, gore, drug use, and a particularly disturbing near-rape scene. Perhaps it was also because she was six at the time. Anyway, that’s material for a future strip. The material in this strip is pretty much real. I like to think the scenarios I spun for her during her formative years gave her character and imagination, and because she later developed into a poet, I like to think I had a little something to do with that. Especially since her poetry is pretty dark. Maybe I can convince her to let me publish them here for you, someday.

I was listening to this week’s Webcomics Weekly podcast and was convinced by Brad Guigar of Evil Inc. fame to the importance of branding your work with a signature. As he puts it, it’s a way for an artist to step out and “take a bow.” So, if you noticed the sig, that’s the explanation.