Girls With SlingshotsI’m thrilled to report that a guest strip I did for Danielle Corsetto’s webcomic, Girls With Slingshots, will be featured on her site, this Friday! Danielle put the call out for webcomic artists to submit guest strips to fill in for her while she’s away on vacation in Germany. Five of those submissions are being featured this week, so check them out!

Danielle’s strip is one of my absolute favorite webcomics on the Internet. I’ve had GWS in my “Favorite Links” since I started JEFBOT, so it’s a huge honor and privilege for me to have my work on her site. Click this link and check her strip out – the art and writing are among the best you’ll find in webcomics.

GWS teaseIf you’re a regular JEFBOT reader, you’ll notice a cameo by a character you’re sure to recognize in the guest strip. And if you’re just coming over for the first time from Danielle’s site, welcome! I update with a new strip every Wednesday and you can sign up for my weekly JEFBOT newsletter by emailing me here

So kick back, relax and stay a while. And be sure to check back next week for a little celebration and contest when JEFBOT hits strip #50!