It’s a STRIP SWAP Friday as the creators of SubCulture and I take a turn writing and drawing each other’s webcomic for a day! Now that you’ve seen their awesome take on JEFbot, go see what I’ve done on SubCulture by clicking here!

Today’s strip is the first JEFbot guest strip I’ve ever run, and it couldn’t have been done by a pair of cooler guys than Kevin Freeman and Stan Yan from the funny and insightful SubCulture webcomic. I have a lot of love for Kevin and Stan – they were among the first of my webcomic peers I would call “friends” and, as you can see from their comic, we share a lot of the same sensibilities. That Kevin has called SubCulture and JEFbot “sister strips” is something I can wholeheartedly agree with, so if you aren’t already familiar with their strip, go check it out, bookmark it, and read through the archives! Kevin’s a writer with a great gift for dialogue and setting up laugh-out-loud comedic situations (especially if you’ve got a geeky sensibility) and Stan always amazes with his fluid lines and perfect expressions (look for the many hilarious little details he tucks away in many a drawing, too). In fact, if reading through their 150+ strips (yep, our respective webcomics have amassed nearly the same amount of strips!) isn’t enough SubCulture for ya, you can buy their trade paperback (check out my review) by clicking here.

Today’s strip-swap won’t be the last time you’ll see the three of us plotting together, either; we’ve talked about doing something a little more ambitious in the future. Personally, I’d love to see what happens when the cast of JEFbot meets the cast of SubCulture to see the kind of craziness that would ensue, so when the three of us can work a schedule out, I have a feeling we can create something seriously cool together.

Lastly, the whole reason today’s swapping came about was because Kevin needed some time to get acquainted to his new role as daddy! Yep, he and his wife had a baby boy, Carter Michael Freeman, a couple of months ago, so Stan and he have been running guest strips while Kevin gets acclimated to his new life (literally). I’m honored they even found the time to do a guest strip for me, truly. So while you’re over there checking out SubCulture, make sure you congratulate the new mom and dad on their first baby!