Some JEFbot readers may remember a storyline a little over a year ago where the Cornfather and jefbot were shooting a short about a couple of paranormal investigators checking out some strange happenings. Well, it’s taken a while, but the real webseries the storyline was based on, What the F&$@! Was That?!, is now up on YouTube (actually, it went up over a month or so ago, I’ve just been bad about blogging about it) and features an extremely funny, talented cast that includes creator/producer Michael Cornacchia (the real-life Cornfather!) and me. The series is a spoof on those “Haunting” shows where a team of experts (I use the term loosely) go onto “haunted” properties and try and prove the existence of ghosts with psychics, technology and whatnot.

I play Zapatos Zeddmore, a Latino-Asian, tech-savvy geek who’s a bit on the skeptical side as far as what the other team members are up to. A stretch for me, I know. My character is pretty much how I look on weekends. Also keep an eye out for my DS phat and XBOX Live headset, both of which make appearances in a few scenes.

The webseries exists as a series of episodes or as one big short. The video embedded above is from Episode 4. Check out the link below for the entire WTFWT?! short, which I should make clear contains some PG material (sexual situations, bleeped language, implied drug use, etc.), so get your parents’ permission if you’re under 12.

WTFWT?! The Complete Short

And here’s the link to the beginning of that JEFbot storyline, which you don’t need permission to read:

JEFBOT.75_The Short