The Chubman and Scrawn wallpaper’s up! It took a bit longer than expected to get this posted, especially when readers on the JEFbot Mailing List got this weeks ago, but it’s up now and just as with the previous wallpapers, it’s free! So I’ll quit with the gabbing, so you can get to downloading.


Thanks to everybody who requested this wallpaper. I was thrilled with how you guys embraced the “Power of” storyline (which began with JEFBOT.204_Unhappy Meal and ended with the strip that inspired this wallpaper, JEFBOT.211_The Legend Begins). Can’t wait to start working on the further adventures of this super duo! And anytime you see something in the strip that you’d like put on a wallpaper, BOTton or tee, let me know.

JEFBOT.The Chubman and Scrawn Wallpaper


For computer monitors, select your monitor resolution by left-clicking on the corresponding link above, then right-clicking on the wallpaper that pops up, and save it to a folder. After that, right click on the wallpaper image in the folder and select “Set as Background” if you have a PC, or right click on your desktop and select “Change Desktop Background,” then navigate to the image and select it, if you’re running a Mac.

For iPhones, just navigate to this page using Safari on your phone, click the iPhone (320×480) link above, then hold your finger down on the image and select “Save Image” when that option comes up. Go back to the main menu and select “Settings,” then “Wallpaper” and finally select it from your Camera Roll. Voila! Now you can hang out on the beach with jefbot any time you feel like it.

For PSPs, the easiest way is to surf to this page on your PSP Browser, click the PSP (480×272) link, click “File” then “Save Image” to your /PSP/Photo folder. Name it whatever you want. “JEFBOT_thechubmanandscrawn_wallpaper.jpg” will do. Next, from the XMB, go to “Photo,” select your Memory Stick, and find the JEFBOT_thechubmanandscrawn_wallpaper.jpg you just downloaded. Now, hit the triangle button, and click on “Set as Wallpaper.” Click “Yes” when it asks if you want to overwrite the current wallpaper with the new one. When you go back to the Main Menu, the wallpaper should be set. The other way to do it would be to download the PSP version of the wallpaper to your computer, copy the image onto the Memory Stick from your PSP, and then follow the above steps, starting with “Next, from the XMB, go to ‘Photo.'” That’s it! A lot of steps, but the image looks pretty cool on the PSP’s beautiful screen.