Those of you on my Twitter feed know what a difficult time I had getting today’s strip made. Not only did my MacBook Pro malfunction and need to be taken to the Apple Store for repairs, but my hard drive died last night, too. Fortunately, no data was lost in either case and Apple got my laptop back to me in time to do this strip. Maybe a virtual Abraxas is running through my system, chomping on wires and wreaking havoc.

Anyway, today’s strip is for all my Pokémon playing JEFbot readers out there. With a recent stint playing Pokémon Platinum and anticipation for the upcoming HeartGold and SoulSilver editions of the game on the DS, it’s no wonder Pokémon has seeped into the strip, as it is wont to do at times. Will this finally be the solution to get jefbot and the Cornfather unstuck, or is this just an excuse for jefbot to get back in touch with cel? Both, perhaps? Would she even know what to make of his pokémail if she gets it? With this storyline wrapping up, expect answers soon!

Also, my mom just celebrated another spin around the sun yesterday! Happy Birthday, Mombot! 😀