I recently did some design work for an app called Rehearsal, a cool tool that helps actors memorize lines, prepare for auditions, make notes and more – all from an iPhone or iPod Touch! If you’re an actor with one of these devices, I highly recommend you give this app a try (I believe you get a week for free), and I’m not just saying that because I worked on it – it’s actually extremely useful, easy to use and really helps! Now I just need more auditions so I can use it more often. Is there an app for that? 😉

If you’d like to know more, check out these sites:
Rehearsal Official Site
Appolicious review
148Apps review

Judging from the responses I’ve gotten about the app, it sounds like a lot of you would like to know how I got involved, overwhelmingly because many of you are fans of David H. Lawrence XVII, who plays Eric Doyle aka “The Puppet Master” on NBC’s Heroes. Basically, I’ve been following David’s Twitter feed for a while now, and he contacted me through our interaction on that to see if I’d be interested in doing some art for an app he was developing for actors. That was pretty much all he needed to say to get me on board. After that, we started trading emails, with him telling me what he was looking for: a colorful, comic book-themed look for Rehearsal, that would be fun and pleasing for users. I worked up some graphics for the logo, menu and icon, and we iterated from there, trading emails and phone calls while i progressed, and getting the input of the lead app developer, Brian Robbins of Riptide Games, as well. It was a fun, quick process – and pretty amazing just how fast the app would be updated once I sent over a new batch of graphics, so I could see exactly how they’d look on my iPhone. During my contribution to the app, the three of us kept in touch almost exclusively via e-mail and phone – I don’t think any of us ever actually met in person until the launch party earlier this week.

I had a great time contributing in my own small way to this project, and it was a blast working with David and Brian. As you might imagine, David’s an awesome guy, really knowledgeable about tech stuff, and didn’t force me to play Russian Roulette even once*. Subscribe to his Twitter feed and join Team XVII to keep up-to-date on what he’s up to.

So that’s how I became involved with this awesome app: Twitter -> Email -> Phone -> Face-to-Face. Increasingly, this is the way business and connections seem to happen these days. Exciting!


* Inside joke for you Heroes fans.