Sorry, couldn’t resist.

I didn’t hate the new Karate Kid movie like jefbot did in today’s strip, but I certainly didn’t like it as much as the original. After seeing the movie last weekend, my buddy Coolhand and I sat for over an hour at Red Robin’s (as we tend to do after seeing movies), dissecting the reasons why it just didn’t work as well as the ’80s version for us. I’ll spare you the details, as it would take more space than would be prudent for this blog but, in short: a) The main character, Dre, was too young. He would’ve worked better as a teen. b) It was too long. 140 minutes!? c) The relationship between Dre and his sensei, Mr. Han, wasn’t as developed as Daniel-san’s and Mr. Miyagi’s. Again, this could be the age thing, but I bought the friendship that was struck in the original much more than in the remake. d) You’re the Best by Joe Esposito. This epic song was in the original but not in the remake.

Anyway, the new Karate Kid made $55.7 million in its opening weekend and is still going strong, so what do I know?